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From: Coach Pat AndersonBasketball Drills

Dear Friend,

If you're a Basketball Coach who is serious about improving, this could be the most important message you'll ever read.

Here's how it all began....

Last winter, I had to have emergency surgery to remove my appendix- not a fun experience (as some of you might know).

I had some complications with the surgery, and found myself in bed for over a month.

For me, this was

PURE Torture!

My bed became my "command center".  I had the fax machine by my bed, my work phone calls were forwarded to my cell, I had my laptop, tele-commuting was a life-saver.  

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to telecommute to practice to teach new basketball drills and plays to my players.  And for me, with 3 teams, I was extremely worried about what would happen to the teams I coached.  

Luckily, each of my teams had someone step up and offer interim head coaching assistance until I got back on my feet.  I had a volunteer crew of basketball eyes and ears.....just one thing.....

My Volunteer Crew Knew Next To Nothing About Coaching Basketball!

If you can believe it, I had a 60 year old home economics (or "life skills" as they call it these days) teacher take over my Varsity high school team.

I was more than grateful for these "interim" basketball coaching volunteers; however, I was a bit panicked that my team's skills (and record!) would take a nose-dive in my absence.  

Amazingly, when I returned to the court 4 weeks later, my teams had IMPROVED (even with a home-ec coach!).  

How did I do it?

Basketball Video Tutorials

I coached my stand-in coaches using animated video tutorials.  I was able to create animated basktball drills and plays on my computer and provide coaching audio commentary.  Each week I'd send out one of these coaching lessons to my volunteers.  

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video with explanation must be worth a million words to a basketball coach. 

My volunteer coaching army would watch the lessons before practice and simply repeat what I had said with the players.  

This was a basketball miracle!  

(I'm sure my high school guys were wondering how the heck Ms. Dewsenbury knew how to break a 2-2-1 zone press)

The bottom line is that Animated Video Tutorials are

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Learn Basketball Drills and Plays

A few months back, I sent out one of my video tutorials to some fellow coaches. The response was amazing.  Ms. Dewsenbury wasn't the only one who thought these videos were god-sends.

After getting heaps of e-mail begging me to create more videos, my schedule finally cleared up and allowed me to devote hours of time to creating a comprehensive, easy-to-follow,  Basketball Video Tutorials Library.


My Video Library Can Be Yours  

Let me cut to the chase, here is a glimpse at what is included in the Basketball Video Tutorial Library:



You'll Discover

Motion Offense & Shooting 24:05 •    How to get your wing players open with ease - detailed instructions on V-Cuts, L-Cuts and back door cuts

•    The 3 indisputable laws of setting an effective screen

•    How to demonstrate for your players that moving without the ball will get them easy baskets

•    Breakdown basketball drills for Motion Offense

•    Game situation shooting drills

•    How to use the jab step and shot fake to clear space and get open jump shots

•    How to pull it all together and run an unbeatable Motion Set
Boxing Out & Rebounding 5:18 •    Why height and vertical leap have little to do with rebounding ability

•    The 7 immutable rules of boxing out

•    Get an inside look at the “fun” rebounding drill that my players ask for – practice after practice!
Form Shooting 14:46 •    Illustrated instructions for proper execution of the Balance-Eyes- Elbow-Follow Through technique

•    What “proper shooting form” really looks like, and the best way to teach it to your players (this technique may surprise you!)

•    The tried and tested drill guaranteed to end a players shooting slump
Help Defense
12:29 •    How to pressure shooters on the perimeter without leaving yourself vulnerable to penetration

•    The number one basketball drill to teach your players how to recognize and react to the offense

•    How the “Ball-You-Man” triangle can ensure your Help side defense is positioned effectively
Press Break
17:39 •    How to slice through a zone, man-to-man, or jump and run press – this is the only Press Break you’ll ever need to know

•    Teach your guards to recognize the trap zones and avoid them

•    Why your forwards  and center are actually the key to breaking the press
1 on 1
Matchup Drills
10:15 •    How to infuse competition and intensity into your practices – and have your players begging for more

•    The loose basketball drill that will make floor burns a sign of honor in your locker room

•    Why “game situation” drills are essential to your practices
Ultimate Buzzer Beaters 16:36 •    How to score from your own end with less than 2 seconds on the clock (without launching a shot from half court)

•    Inbounds plays that will get you a layup, whenever you need one

•    Three battle-tested plays guaranteed to get you an open shot with less than 5 seconds to play
Man To Man Defense 12:52 •    The number one misconception about the "proper" defensive stance

•    How to teach players to play defense with their feet instead of their hands

•    Footwork techniques to control the offensive player’s movement, not react to it
Ball Handling
19:21 •    Forget dribbling relays… these are the all-new dynamic ball handling drills other coaches don’t want you to know!

•    The four dribble moves EVERY point guard needs to master

•    How to dribble out of a full court trap without turning the ball over
Zone Buster Offense 16:00 •    The only offense you need to break down a zone and score easily – works against 2-3, 1-3-1, 1-2-2 and more

•    The three “hot spots” that any zone is vulnerable to

•    Why dribble penetration against a zone is usually a route to disaster

•    The location of the “Russian Spot” – an area of the court no zone can properly defend against
Fast Break & Transition Drills 17:50 •    How to exploit a numbers advantage without forcing the issue

•    How to stop the ball and protect the basket using the “Tandem” defensive set

•    A new twist on the 3 on 2 Continuous Drill
Full Court Pressure 16:20 •    How to use the "Run & Jump" to creat panic and confusion in your opponent's backcourt

•    The best area of the court to spring your trap

•    How to force turnovers with overwhelming ball pressure using the 2-2-1 Zone Press
•    Man or Zone Press?  I'll help you pick the one that's right for your team's specific skill set
This breakthrough coaching resource is guaranteed to eliminate your anxiety about taking your team to the next level...and it won't take you years to master these techniques.
Because It Works FAST

You don't have to sit down and read a boring basketball drills book, devote an entire weekend to a coaching clinic, spend hours in front of game tape, or spin you wheels in front of your team ever again! 
My Video Library is PACKED with distilled coaching knowledge.  In fact, if you can spare 2 hours 34 minutes of your time, I'll prove to you how well this works.

Why 2 hours, 34 minutes?

Because that's how long it will take you to view the entire library.  But don't worry, you don't have to watch it all at once.  I actually recommend working on one of the videos each week, and learn just a handful of new basketball drills.  That way you (and your team) won't be overwhelmed. 
There is no "correct order", you just take a look at the titles and short descriptions and use the videos to guide you as your team needs them.  This library was designed for you- and I know YOU are busy, so I've made them as user friendly as possible!
If you can commit to watching one video a week, I know that you will be BLOWN AWAY by the content provided in these videos! 
I know that's a bold promise and it might sounds  a little "over the top" ...but it's true, and I can back it all up.
But don't just take my word for it...
See What Other Coaches Are Saying....

Basketball Brought To Life...

"I just had an opportunity to review your breaking the press video.  It was outstanding. It was well described and the picture brought everything to life." 

Jim T.

Got It After 1 Viewing...

"The format is great! Your narration with the animation is perfect...  Normally when you view a diagram or a video it takes you a couple of times to get, but with this format I got it after 1 viewing! Please continue."
Ray N.

31 Year Coach Learning "New Tricks"....

"As an "old" coach, 31 years in the business, I can now confirm "you can teach an old dog new tricks". Thanks for all the new ways to accomplish the basics of basketball drills and plays I was taught too many years ago!"

Gene S.
Akron Manchester, Ohio

Pat's Guide Help Put Coaching Puzzle Together....

"I was looking for something to put all the pieces to the puzzle together. Your Basketball Coaching material accomplishes this goal. I printout the basketball drills I need before practice and put together my agenda for the day. Thanks again for a job well done. Keep up the good work."

Dan L.
St. Anne’s Friars
Fair Lawn, NJ

New Coach & New Players Benefit....

"Not only had I never coached before, the kids on the team were not skilled. I knew I would need some help instructing the kids and getting the best out of them. I purchased your drills and practice plan guide. I am extremely blessed to have been introduced to such knowledge. The kids and I benefited and would like to thank you. Great work."

Coach Shelton/Novick
Middle Township, NJ

No More Scattered Feeling....

"I was able to your coaching material to effectively plan our practices. I had always been a coach that would feel his way through practice but to have a schedule has made it easier to have full practices rather than scattered."

Cam Dowdle
Carolina Heat 12U Boys
Asheville , NC

First Competitive League, and Parents Are Impressed...

"I have put together a team of 9 year old boys who have only played in recreational leagues to this point. This will be their first experience in a competitive league setting. Parents have been impressed with the structure of practices and the emphasis on fundamentals as they translate to game situations. The boys enjoy the drills and I am enjoying coaching. Your coaching material is a treasure."

Bob Gibson
Greenwood, Indiana

Coach Wins Championship...

"Adding some of your drills to my overall training helped my 6th grade travelling team win a league championship"

Pete "The Wizard" Eckert
New Jersey, USA

Keeping 13 Year Olds Happy and Interested...

"Pat, It is very difficult to keep 13year olds happy during practice, thats all they want to do is scrimmage, after purchasing your coaching guide the boys enjoy the practice that I lay out, it is fun for all of us now! I will recommend it to all coaches."

Anthony Costello
Barnegat Basketball Club
Barnegat, NJ

Ex-Player Makes Smooth Transition...

"I have always played, but never coached, and your guide has helped me make the transition effectively. Thanks for your help"

Fort Worth, TX

Moved To The Next Competitive Level...

If you're serious about coaching winning youth basketball, you must try Pat's coaching guide. Its concise and effective and by far the best coaching guide I've seen in my eight years of coaching. My teams have moved to the next competative level as a result of Pat's plans.

Edgar Dean
Wichita Hurricanes

As You Can See, My Basketball Drills, Plays and Coaching Resources WORK.

And That Was Just A Small Sample Of The Feedback I've Received.

The bottom line is this:  My Video Tutorial Library is 100% guaranteed to work for you…it just might be the next best thing to having Phil Jackson on your sideline!

My video library will become your go-to resource for spoon-fed basketball ideas.  Even if it is 2 am and you haven't slept in HOURS, you'll be able to easily absorb the coaching tactics behind these drills & plays. 
    Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get:
    • Options shown for various levels of play, each video shows drill or play progression techniques
    • Pause, Play, Fast-Forward, or Rewind with the touch of a button
    • Fully indexed for easy searching and viewing
    • Multiple viewing options: Stream the video right over your browser, download onto your laptop and bring to the court, or burn a CD for your players!
    • Download Options for High Speed OR Low Speed Internet Connections!
    • All plays are designed for EASY game implementation.  
    • Brand new material, never before released!
    • And much more…

    And that’s not nearly all.

    Every day, I'm thinking of new ways to use my Video Tutorials with my own teams.…

    • Just yesterday, I sent my assistant coach the link to one of the streaming videos.  We never even had to talk before practice and we were both on the same page.
    • I've sent the video links to my players for review before practice.  The kids loved it!  65% of us are VISUAL LEARNERS, and this format allows your players to preview drills or plays.  Try this and you'll be shocked at how quickly your players catch on!
    • Try my "Pause" & "Print" technique.  Pause the video whenever you like and print out the screen image, you can use these as hand-outs for your team when reviewing play assignments.
    • The possibilities are endless- this will make your life seem SO EASY!

    And what’s really great is that

    You Can be Absorbing These Amazing
     Coaching Techniques In The Next 30 Seconds!

    You can order this amazing system right now and actually start enjoying your personal coaching library within 30 seconds…yes, that is right…WITHIN 30 SECONDS you can be mastering my best DRILLS & PLAYS that’ll transform your life as a coach.

    That’s because I’ve made the entire Video Tutorial Library downloadable, so you can view them from ANY COMPUTER IN THE WORLD.  There is no waiting for the mailman to deliver your package, no fancy programs are needed, you’ll be able to watch and learn from any computer.

    And the best thing is... I'll be giving you a lot more...

    As part of this Introductory Internet Offer, I'm going to offer an exclusive high-impact bundle of my previously published coaching material at no charge...

    That's 3 Ebooks and 1 Audio Interview FREE!

    FREE Bonus #1 ($35 Value)

    The Insider’s Guide To Team Building
    • How to build a strong teamwork ethic amongst your players
    • FUN drills that build comradery and forge relationships with your athletes
    • Games that ignite your players to think beyond themselves and start thinking like they are part of a TEAM!
    And much more…

    FREE Bonus #2 ($35 Value)

    Complete Guide To Running A
    Basketball Camp

    • In the same spirit as my Basketball Drills & Practice Plans, this is a complete, minute-by-minute plan for running a 5-day Basketball Camp
    • How to organize and run effective Stations
    • Fun group activities to get the whole camp involved
    • How to run progressive scrimmages that reinforce the fundamentals taught throughout the day
    And much more...

    FREE Bonus #3 ($20 Value)

    Coaching Handouts
    • A printable player-coach-parent contract that outlines everyone's responsibilities to the team  
    • How to reinforce the values of sportsmanship, fun, and commitment in your athletics program
    • Articles on proper nutrition and hydration for extended sports competitions and tournaments
    • Goal Setting worksheets
    • Articles on team motivation and winning by top sports psychologists
    And much more…

    FREE Bonus #4 - Audio Interview ($30 Value)

    Fundraising Secrets 
    • Which Fundraisers are appropriate for specific age groups.
    • Learn which Fundraisers bring in the MOST MONEY with the LEAST EFFORT (hint- these aren't car washes!)
    • How to recruit great volunteers to focus on fundraising while you focus on your team
    • Techniques to motivate student athletes to fundraise successfully
    And much more…

    That's Right...

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    The entire package contains over 30 hours worth of easy step-by-step information on the art of Basketball Coaching.   Just like Ms. Dewsenbury, you'll feel like I'm right there, side-by-side with you through each individual drill and play...

    Do you know how much  a private basketball coaching instructor would charge for 30 hours of time?  30 hours of one-on-one attention, showing you how to master these battle tested techniques?

    An experienced instructor (a Level II or Level III Certified Coach) would charge $75 an hour or more.  That means 30 hours of instruction would cost you $2250.

    Even an instructor with limited experience would charge $35 per hour for personal Basketball Coaching instruction.  That would mean you'd pay $1050 for the same 30 hours of personal attention you get in my Basketball Video Tutorials.

    $1050 is probably a little much for most people.

    Don't get me wrong, personal instruction (from a good teacher) is definitely worth it.  You get step by step detail on the most effective drills, plays, and techniques, and you'll have the teacher by your side every step of the way...

    But sometimes it isn't realistic to pay a teacher (especialy if you have kids or other responsibilities).

    Don't worry.

    I Have Very Good News For You

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    That's why I decided to sell everything for only $117.77

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    basketball drills
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