Basketball Coaching Case Study


Name: Dr. Laurence J. MacDonald

Location: Hong Kong, China

I got this note by email the other day.  Larry is a developmental coach in Hong Kong, China, and has also coached pro ball in Lebanon, and college and youth ball in Canada. 

Even with all of his experience, he was able to get instant results from my Basketball Video Tutorials.  Great to know that my tutorials are helping coaches to win games all over the world!


From: Larry MacDonald aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

To: Coach Pat Anderson

Subject: Basketball Video Tutorials


Coach Pat:  Have you ever been thrown into a situation that you whatever you did you could not win at..Let me explain.  My wife is asian and from Chongqing China at this time of year they celeb rate Autumn Festival or the new beginning in 1949, China became the Peoples Republic of China.  Now I'm not giving you a history lesson just trying to set up my story. 

So Lynn(my wife) and I travel to her home town to celebrate with her family.  My reputation as a coach in Hong Kong is well known in chongqing so I was asked to guide or coach a local team of misfits in a tournament.  I reluctantly agreed and only had one two hour practice with them.   hong kong

Well they were a disaster and lost the first 3 games of the tournament by huge deficits.  This morning we had to play the team that eveintually won the whole tournament and they were very good.  Because the kids on my team were so down I really wanted them to do well.  Now I dont carry a play book around with me so when I got your email and your tapes yesterday, I immediatly went to buzzer beaters and zone buster because I have been in China long enough to know the chinese dont play man to man and always a 2-3 zone. 

Well, your buzzer beaters kept them in the game and I had only 15 minutes to put in the zone offense.  But they are smart kids and picked it up well.  So I only have the one set for the zone that I reviewed from your tapes and three buzzer beaters but I guess its like novacane if you keep taking it, eventually its going to work.   I must admit they worked very well, we had a few breakdowns but all in all it was fun.  with the score 66 - 62 and about thirty seconds to go we come up with a buzzer beater and score a three now we are down only 1 but we steal the ball and shoot some ridiculous shot however we get the rebound and score..the kids are jubliant but the next thing a table official comes onto the floor and tells the referee that the 24 second clock had run  out and the basket didnt count.  The funny thing is, there was no visible 24 second clock only a guy at the table who said he was the official timer.  Well thats China, we ended up losing but your playes really saved my a**.  

Thanks Pat... your tutorials are excellent... even old coaches can learn something new.

Laurence J. MacDonald PhD
Hong Kong, China

PS - Here are some pictures with me and the Hong Kong National Team... The young man holding the trophy was offered a full scholarship to Texas however, the CBA (china Baskebtall Association) paid him not to go.  This in a country where education is of the highest importance.  The other player is 7'2" named Lu chong (english name sampson lol)...he played for the Dons in san fransisco.

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